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Kobe’s Contract

I would respond to all the stupid things written about Kobe’s contract, but I think Woj already summed it up perfectly. Anything I add will be superfluous, but what the heck.

The fact that people are sincerly and seriously arguing that Kobe should have taken a minimum contract is lunacy.  Yes, it would have allowed the Lakers to get two other max contracts under their belt next season.  But have you looked at the players available next season?  Either they aren’t moving, or they aren’t actually worth the max. Quite honestly even if Kobe took the minimum next year’s team might not look all that different from this year’s team. Unless Lebron James magically decides he wants to be a Laker (he isn’t) than it makes more sense to push this money forward instead of wasting it this year on Rudy Gay and watching Kobe another two years sounds a lot more interesting than watching a 20 win team desperately reaching for a draft pick.

 And oh yeah, not to mention how much financial sense it makes for the Busses. What else exactly do people think the Lakers should have done here? 

Chick Hearn Tribute Night

I’m so happy the Lakers could get the win tonight!  Chick Hearn is the person responsible for me loving basketball and I still miss him all the time.  He was like my grandfather or something, in my house 3-4 times a night, telling me about basketball.  Ugh, getting old sucks, having to watch all your heroes go.  But I’m glad I was able to hear it.

Oh yeah, and the Lakers are at 500.  That’s pretty awesome!

Fun (Lakers 116 Clippers 103)

It’s really great to see the Lakers play like this.  All you have to do is scroll down to see that I saw this coming!

I am working on a season preview of every team but I’m only about halfway done.  I suppose I will start posting those on off days.

Travel Log: Non-Trad Southern/Mid Arizona loop.

I don’t know how much of it I actually spent on the road, but I left at 11:30 and didn’t get home until 9:30.

Breaking into the Buenos Aries National Preserve was cool.  By breaking in I meant I drove through the two red cones that were “restricting access.”  The park seemed completely empty when I arrived, and I didn’t get any static for being there, and I even almost got trapped driving down a service road.  Note to self: stop driving down service roads.  Especially when the service that services that road isn’t around. 

 It could not have been completely empty, though, because n my way out I saw the park helicopter in the sky and its hanger open so someone must have been there.  Just before leaving I saw another helicopter on the ground, near the area where the Border Patrol tends to keep watch.  It was black, and had a bunch of dudes in military fatigues in it.  They didn’t seem to pay any notice to me.  I thought about taking a picture but why engender trouble.

Yeah, it seemed kind of crazy to me with this whole shutdown thing that I drove through THREE Border patrol checkpoints today.  If I had gotten trapped in that park I’d be dead, but had I been an illegal alien I’d be in jail right now.  It also felt really weird when I was in the Tohono O’Oodham Nation and the border patrol guy took one look at me and waved me through.  I think I felt better when the guy grilled me outside of Sasabee.  At least I didn’t feel like I was taking part in any institutional racism or anything.  

Speaking of the Tohono O’Odham nation, that really was the part that made the whole trip worthwhile.  There is this conception of the Tohono O’Oodham Nation as being incredibly bleak.  And that certainly is what you see in the parts adjacent to Tucson.  But rolling down Indian Road 15 I saw that there was a different side.  There were modern farms, and housing developments that could have been in any farm community.  And there were huge fields of saguaros, and some very impressive rock formations.  I found just the general area more impressive than some of the national parks/reserves/monuments I’ve been to before.  There’s also a cool radio station, 91.FM, KOHN.  I’d like you to them but their website is “under construction” (no gif signifying that, though).

Downtown Casa Grande was a bit of a surprise, too.  It had a nice old-timey feeling that I haven’t seen in Southern Arizona.  It’s also full of modern commercial development now, so it feels much less like some place you hide out from the cops in than before.

I figured since I was already almost there, I’d finish at Rallys.  I really like Rallys.  


It’s really crazy that I’m watching some youtube thing where the guy is saying “Android isn’t innovating anymore.” I guess that’s how you know a platform has really arrived when large numbers of “fans” claim it isn’t innovative anymore. It’s always the weirdest thing to me. How do you not notice that both Apple and Android (and even Microsoft) are doing a lot of cool new things with every thing they put out? Yeah that stuff may not be targeted directly to you but that doesn’t mean it isn’t innovative. Stop being so egotistical.  

Ryan Davis

 Life is difficult.  I’m not chipping away at rocks, I’m not starving to death in a pit somewhere, but, relative to my position in society, life is a struggle.   One of the things that helps me get through is the Giant Bombcast.  I remember the first time I downloaded it, I said “three hours about video games?  Yeah right.”  But it was so highly reccomended that I figured I would give it at least an hour.  Shortly after that, I was hooked.  And there are weeks every year where I consume 9-12 hours of Giant Bomb related material.

 Ryan Davis was a big part of that.  He’s an awesome radio host, on par with anyone.  And he was funny in a way that very few people are.  Funny like my friends growing up were funny.  He was also excellent at his job.  His reviews were thoughtful and he had the ability to see how games related to various audience and tastes, even if they didn’t match his own.  And his Quick Looks (videos covering game play of a game) really helped me make informed purchasing decisions, as well as many times causing me to get to the literal point of tears of laughter.  

Damn, he deserved more time.  He just got married.  He was on his fucking honeymoon.  It just isn’t fair.  Why is the world like this?  

All I know is, life goes on. 

And, the fact that the show is going to go on without him, there’s comfort in that.  But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to listen without thinking about him.  I never met him in real life, I never spoke to him or had any more interaction than a minor e-mail response.  But he was in my home every week.   And according to everyone who did know him, he was that person me and thousands of others invited into our homes.  One of the Harmonix guys said it best: “if you felt like you lost someone you knew, well, you did.  There was no persona.  The guy you saw on TV was him.”  

Tonight, although I’m not typically a drinker, I’m going to toss back a glass for Ryan, pour a lot more out, and flush a pie down the toilet.  The memory of the King of the Summerjam will live on. 

So Long, University of Arizona

This goes out to my Arizona people.  For some reason I have more of you on Tumblr, a social networking site that I almost never use, so I’ll put this here.

I keep writing and erasing attempts at being poignant or meaningful; it just comes off as sappy, or pitiful.  To quote one of our times greatest philosophers, “ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I just want to express my gratitude to everyone who’s been nice to me.  I sometimes wish I wasn’t so bad at interpersonal relationships so we could all hang out and do prepared dance routines or whatever it is that large group of friends do together.  Alas, the only dance I can do is macarena; gangstas don’t dance, we boogie.  It never would’ve worked.

But hey, I hope you all achieve your goals and dreams and if you ever need any help that doesn’t involve money (or dancing) let me know.  If you like reading foursquare check-ins, basketball opinions and failed attempts at humor, add me on facebook. 

Kind of gross at first but it grows on you. Tastes like rancid blueberry bubblegum.

Kind of gross at first but it grows on you. Tastes like rancid blueberry bubblegum.

It’s not bad. It’s also not red. False advertising. Actually it just tastes like  store-brand cola, which is not a bad thing.

It’s not bad. It’s also not red. False advertising. Actually it just tastes like store-brand cola, which is not a bad thing.

Jeff’s Diet Chocolate soda tastes like all my home attempts to make chocolate soda. Kind of gross.

Jeff’s Diet Chocolate soda tastes like all my home attempts to make chocolate soda. Kind of gross.