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The People vs George Lucas

The documentary was a lot more fair than I thought it was going to be.  Usually when someone makes something about George Lucas now, it’s a total hit piece.

While the majority of the opinions expressed in the film were anti-Lucas, the majority of people in the world (at least who feel like sharing their opinion) are also anti-Lucas.  But an effort was made to give the other side a voice, and I appreciate it, because that’s my side (I wouldn’t go as far as the French film critics who love Jar Jar, but, I’m pretty close)

I guess I don’t feel like just because people like something that’s from your imagination gives other people ownership over it.  If you don’t like his new creations, don’t buy them.  I don’t like the Clone Wars cartoon so I don’t watch it.  This doesn’t inspire rage in me or make me want to attack George Lucas.

People try to make silly arguments about artists of paintings not being allowed to alter their work, and the film shows how painters actually did alter their paintings.  However, if you compare film to its closest artistic cousin, literature, the history of authors altering their work is much more prevalent.  Some authors made minor grammatical corrections in later editions, some made pretty significant changes.  Walt Whitman rewrote his work almost yearly at one point, until his death.  And good luck finding some of the earlier editions.

I do sympathize with the people who lament the unavailability of the earlier editions of Star Wars.  I completely agree there should be a version out there in a less perishable format than VHS (which, at this point is probably sealed whole computers, since DVDs aren’t turning out to be a whole lot more durable than VHS).  But you’re kidding me that there wouldn’t be massive outcry if the films were released on DVD and then Blu-Ray and then the successor to Blu-Ray and then the successor to the successor of Blu-Ray.  At some point I think that releasing the original version digitally and putting the onus on fans to preserve it for themselves from there.

I guess as someone who’s had something he’s created been perverted by fans of that product before (on a much, much, much smaller scale) I guess I understand George Lucas in a way.